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Children’s Dentistry

children's dentistry

Smiles Dental for kids
We know a visit to the dentist can be daunting for adults let alone children! Our aim is to show kids in the UK that children’s dentistry is nothing to fear.

When it comes to oral health, the earlier you begin to educate your child, the better. If you can instil good oral health as part of your child’s daily routine they should benefit through their entire life.

What you can do for your child?
If your little one is worried about a trip to the dentist, check out these five tips for soothing their fears.

  • You should explain the importance of great oral health to your child in terms they’ll understand. Explain how brushing and flossing are vital if they want to keep their teeth healthy and bright.

  • Bring your child to your Smiles Dental clinic for a quick visit and look around before their actual appointment. This will create a sense of familiarity that should make their actual treatment all the easier.

  • Regular checkups have the same effect. The more your child visits the dentist, the more comfortable they are. About every six months is recommended.

  • Don’t transfer your own fears of the dentist onto your child. We all know how very perceptive children are, they can pick up on negative emotion or fears easily. Explain how important Children’s Dentistry is to them for their overall health.

  • If you’re child is feeling anxious about the dentist, take two minutes and call the clinic. Let the staff know when you’ll be coming in and they’ll do their very best to make your child feel at ease.

  • To find out more about good oral health and tips for Children’s Dentistry, check out our ‘Oral health routine‘ blog. We’ve created a simple routine that you can follow through the day to maintain great oral health.

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